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PVC Sheet

Singh Lam is an emerging and renowned brand of PVC Sheet in the market. We strives to manufacture the extensive collection of Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets made up with eco- friendly and economical material which in turn is affordable for the customer to buy and use it in their demand affairs. We have excellent choices of corrosion resistant, hydro resistant and weather resistant Sheets.

We manufacture the exquisite collection of PVC Sheet with varied colors, patterns and textures which is been driven from the ethnic, conventional and trendy sense of styling. These are made with the high grade technology and innovative approaches to fulfill the diverse requirements of varied PVC Sheets based on color, pattern or material.

Singh Lam is been offering the superior quality of products to our customer which helps them to decorate their houses and offices. These sheets serve in adding to the beauty of any place along with the work of safeguarding and protecting membrane from different natural exploitations. We take pride in serving our customers in the best possible way by offering them the Just in time services which aims to reach out to their expectations. We are well known for supplying the variant categories of Sheets. We supplies in different ranges with high class material and are able to fulfill the bulk orders at a given period of time. We work with the efficient team to attain the deals and balance the demand pressure.


  • • These are thermo and hydro resistant sheets.
  • • PVC Sheets are technology based products.
  • • PVC Sheets are free of corrosion.
  • • Supplies varied patterns and colors of PVC Sheets.
  • • Works as the beautifying material and safety shield.
  • • These sheets are available at an affordable price.
  • • We render Just in time service.