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Sunmica Manufacturer

Sunmica is a thin hard decorative sheet (a blend of paper and plastic materials). The thickness usually ranges from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm. being one of the most popular decorative sheets in India, it is most commonly used as an overlay over wooden furniture. It is fixed on to a plywood base using adhesives such as fevicol.
Sheets of paper and decorative paper soaked in phenolic and melamine resins are hard pressed together to make decorative Laminate sheets such as Sunmica. To know in details, Sunmica Manufacturer goes through the following steps:
  • • First of all, they soak the paper in phenolic resin to form the base or bottom side of the laminate
  • • The soaked papers are put to dry.
  • • Once the papers are drought, hardened rolls of paper are cut to the desired sizes with the help of cutting machines.
  • • These papers are hard pressed together under high pressure and temperature, using hydraulic presses.
  • • Then, experts sand the bottom side (non-decorative side) using a sanding machine.
  • • Lastly, the finished products/sheets are packaged and shipped to distributors.

  • Singh Lam is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of sunmica. Our decorative laminate sheets are made up of three layers:
  • 1.The bottom layer of brown paper coated with phenolic resin
  • 2.The second layer of paper is decorated with the desired pattern
  • 3.The third layer is of the ‘clear sheet.

  • We are using selected decorative papers and absorbent Kraft paper for Sunmica Manufacture. Before these papers are impregnated with melamine and phenolic resins, they used to decorate the interiors. Both the second and third layers are coated with melamine resin. The laminate sheets manufactured by us are an ideal option to be used at the table tops, the surface of kitchen counters, and cabinetry. They are resistant to scratches, stains, and heat.

    At Singh Lam, you can find sunmica in a wide range of colours, shades, patterns, textures and other defining features. We make the decorative laminates using high technology and quality raw materials to meet the tastes of interior designers and architects. Further, our decorative laminates are ideal for all kinds of interior needs, including kitchen cabinets, wall panels, wardrobes, table tops and other pieces of furniture.